About Us

Ephemeral Theatre was founded by Amy Atkins in 2017. Ephemeral means “lasting for a very short time” – temporary, brief, or transitory. It reflects Amy’s ambition to engage audiences in relatively short but meaningful experiences, which create lasting changes in their mindset.

Amy hopes to grow the company into one that inspires, educates, and engages audiences of all ages in creative art events, festivals, performances, and workshops for social change.

With a focus on the impermanent, Ephemeral Theatre will create short-lived experiences with effects that linger well after an audience has left the venue.

Meet Amy

amy_headshots-11Amy’s passion for theatre and the arts grew from a young age. Winklepoo – a fierce female pirate – was her first stage role with Tall Poppies Collective in Joy Cowley’s play Pick a Pack of Pirates.

In 2019, Amy completed the John Bolton Theatre School. This theatre training intensive focuses on the Lecoq pedagogy. Amy also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies with Massey University and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Management, Event Management with WelTec. Amy is a proud member of New Zealand Events Association.

Amy trained and worked as an associate speech and drama teacher for three years with Tall Poppies Drama Collective in Palmerston North. She holds an Advanced Associate Diploma in the Teaching of Speech and Drama with Speech New Zealand.

Amy grew up in Palmerston North and now lives in Wellington.

Headshot by Holly Neill Photography.

Theatre shot ‘Edward from Cloud 9’ by Sy Taffel